A beautiful beach villa in San Diego with durable, energy efficient windows.

How Do You Know If Windows Are Energy Efficient?

A beautiful beach villa in San Diego with durable, energy efficient windows.

It’s not just your home’s interior that you want to make energy-efficient – there are ways to bring energy efficiency, security, and safety to your home’s exterior. You may well know that it’s time to upgrade your home’s windows, but you have hesitated until now. You might still be asking yourself, how do I know if windows are energy efficient?

Energy-efficient windows are also known as energy-saving windows because they are designed to prevent cool air or heated air from escaping from your home. These windows have increased insulation and are excellent at reducing your home’s energy usage. This lowers your monthly bills.

What Is It That Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

You should know some factors that will make your home windows energy efficient. The best way to tell if a window is energy efficient is to look at how many panes of glass it has. And familiarity with some terms will help you understand what makes a window energy efficient.

Energy-efficient windows have all of the following:

  • Double-paned or triple-paned glass windows.
  • High-quality window frames.
  • Low-E glass coatings.
  • Argon or krypton gas filled in between window panes.
  • Window pane spacers installed.

These are all energy-efficient features. Together, they make up the perfect window for energy efficiency. Here is what you should know about each energy-efficient feature.

Double-paned or triple-paned glass windows. Only energy-efficient windows have multiple panes of glass, either double panes or triple panes. This type of window comprises multiple sheets of glass sandwiched together with window pane spacers. These multi-layer constructions create an air pocket between the layers of glass. Each layer is sealed shut to prevent any air from entering or escaping. The layers are each filled with different gases, which increases their efficiency.

High-quality window frames. It’s nice to know you are looking at energy-efficient windows, but keep in mind installing such a window will not save you much energy if your window frames are not efficient as well. Generally speaking, aluminum windows are the least efficient, and this applies even when they have a thermal window break in them.

To be very energy-efficient, windows can be paired with composite, vinyl, fiberglass, and wooden window frames or clad-wood windows, all of which are highly energy efficient. Only high-quality frame materials will reduce the transfer of heat and insulate your windows better. This leads to much more efficient heating or cooling in your home.

Low-E glass coatings. Low emissivity coatings or Low-e, are a very effective way to keep heat inside your home in winter or keep it out in the summer months. These coatings are specifically designed to control how the heat energy produced from sunlight moves around. An exterior low-E coating will prohibit the ultraviolet and infrared light, also known as the heat, from entering your home while still allowing sunlight to pass right on through.

Window gas fills. Energy-efficient windows will have gas between window panes, which helps to insulate them better. Gases used are argon, krypton, and other similar gases that can be filled inside. They are all non-toxic, colorless and odorless.

Window spacers. Non-metal and metal hybrid spacers are used in energy-efficient windows to insulate the window pane edges. This, in turn, reduces heat transfer and improves energy efficiency.

What to Look For When Looking For Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy Star logoIt’s easy, really. The easiest way to know you are looking at an energy-efficient window is to look for the Energy Star logo. Energy Star windows will always be highly efficient. They need to meet various standards and restrictions to earn the bright, little blue badge.

Energy Star windows for the northern climate are designed to let in infrared light which causes heat generation. They trap warm air inside your home. Being double-paned or triple-paned, these windows have a low U-factor, which proves their insulating capabilities.

Energy Star windows for southern climates are specifically made to keep heat out of the home. They also have a low U-factor, which proves their insulation value. They are deemed a highly efficient choice for warmer climates.

When looking for efficient windows for your home, understand that they will only do so much. They will really become the better investment when paired with other energy-saving improvements, such as air sealing and insulation.

Every home is unique. You know what needs to be replaced or repaired in your home. Energy-efficient windows may make a huge difference in one home but not so much in another. We can help you decide how to prioritize.

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