Home addition possibilities in the hills of San Diego.

Home Addition in San Diego: Realize Your Vision

Home addition possibilities in the hills of San Diego.

How can home additions in San Diego realize your vision? Home additions in San Diego turn your vision into a reality. Get the exact look that will last you a lifetime.

We’ve simplified the process down to three steps.
1. What type of home do you own?
2. What design do you want?
3. Value to cost calculators mixed with a professional consultation

In terms of types of homes, we work with everything from modular homes to custom homes.

San Diego House Design Intro

Common styles include San Diego Modern, San Diego Spanish Imitation, and San Diego Minimalist.

We’ve added a San Diego twist to national designs that best complement the scenery and environment of the city.

We favor designs that maximize the unique aesthetic and square feet of the house.

We see three general trends.

Modernist: Bright contrasts and plenty of space for light to pass through.

Spanish Imitation: uses white paint and bright roofing to give your house a welcoming and exciting feel. Something with a bit of zest and fresh air.

Minimalist: strips down necessary and unneeded elements to present exactly what you need. A simple home to call your own.

Value to Cost Spreadsheet Intro

In terms of the spreadsheet, the right home addition done by professionals can add value to your home. San Diego real estate is expensive so adding square feet to a plot can improve your bottom line. And helping the house stand out from the rest can help professionals gain an edge over the competition.

IF you consult professionals from day one. DIY home improvements tend to cost more in the long run and are massive time sinks that never get completed.

On average, DIY projects cost thousands more in contractor costs and even more in opportunity costs.

But we’ve all been burned by the wrong contractor. So we heavily vet our contracting solutions to get the job quoted fairly and done right.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, our step-by-step process can help simplify the process of choosing a home.

What type of home do you have?

Before defining which type of home addition you should purchase, it is important to talk about what works and doesn’t work for each home. Here are some options:

Modular home additions: Modular homes

Modular homes are prebuilt homes that are transported to a particular location. Typically the manufacturer will have additional rooms available on their website. Additional square feet on the houses’ total space can improve the long-term value of the home and give your family a bit more room to spread out.

Generally, homes are custom-built in San Diego. But some modular homes could be improved.

The main goal of modular home additions is adding some custom design to the home and adding some breathing room to your house.

Most modular homes are small and tend to be generic.

What doesn’t work? Second-story additions for modular homes could be a disaster depending on the style of your modular home. Usually, modular homes are constructed for their cost-efficiency.

Rental Home Additions

The best home additions for rentals are the ones that add immediate value and do not take ages to complete. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to return 88% of the value and are unique selling points to attract better tenants.

Tiny House Home Additions

In San Diego, tiny houses are becoming a trend. Tiny house home additions tend to be on the exterior rather than the interior.

Most tiny houses were constructed on a plot of land that gives the homeowner much more space.

And so the best additions tend to be working with the tiny house theme.

And the worst are the ones that try to turn a tiny house into a normal house. The resulting style is lumpy and uneven. Tiny houses are best being kept as tiny houses.

Family House Home Additions

Family home additions tend to be centered around keeping the family happy. The greatest example of this addition is something that creates harmony. Like additional living room space, bedroom space, or dining room space. Places where the whole family can gather in peace so that they aren’t all shoved into a closet.

And it makes sense to invest a bit more in the family home.

Trying to do family home additions on an extreme budget tends to attract poor-quality contractors that will damage the long-term value of your home. In short, they will make a big old mess.

What are the most popular home additions?

Modular home additions

Modular home additions tend to be centered around themes like Greenhouses, Ranch houses, or a Log Cabin style.

The design for some modular homes leaves something to be desired. So generally the home additions tend to spice up space and add some space.

Rental house home additions

Rental house home additions are centered around the theme of maximizing value and minimizing the downtime of the unit. So a quick kitchen renovation and bathroom changes tend to be the most popular home additions.

Tiny house home additions

Adding some sort of outdoor fire pit for the company tends to be the go-to look for home additions in San Diego. Guests tend to like some breathing room outdoors.

Family house home additions

Family houses tend to invest in additional bedrooms. Bunk beds might work when the children are smaller but as they grow older they tend to need more space and autonomy. And more bedrooms mean a quieter house environment overall.

Second story home additions

Second-story home additions are not the most economical option but they do add to the overall feel of the home. A second story doubles the total square feet of your house and, when done by pros, can add to the value of your home.

What is your design?

The next step in a home addition is picking the right San Diego residence.


The most dominant style of home in San Diego is the modern design. These tend to be square and maximize the light flow in the house.

Accessories to the house include swimming pools and hardwood decks to entertain the company.

Or we can add open staircases, glass windows, and whatever features you might like in your permanent residence.

Spanish Imitation

Spanish imitation houses have clay imitation walls and red brick roofs. They often have an atrium in the middle to emphasize community and light.

Spanish houses are based on the classic Spanish villa that transposed from the old world into the new world. Our goal is to produce an authentic Spanish experience that fosters a warm, welcoming community. And we’ve left out the stuffier European features, like narrow ceilings, in favor of a more spacious experience.


The minimalist look was pioneered in California. At the turn of the century, buyers wanted something a bit more unique than the standard suburban look.

Our minimalist design strips away all any unnecessary elements from the house. Instead, we present exactly what you need rather than what you might think you need.

These houses are just houses. We help you focus on exactly what you need and put that into a house without all the extra clutter.

San Diego Design vs Other Designs

San Diego styles tend to be more creative and on the modern edge of style than the rest of the country. That being said, you can compare common house styles to San Diego.

The U.S. as a whole versus San Diego

The U.S. as a whole tends to favor the suburban look. So a two-story house with a garage.

But San Diego real estate is expensive. So realtors were forced to be creative with their designs and perhaps turned the negative side of small properties into a feature.

Texas Designs vs San Diego

Texas has quite a bit more space and favors the ranch house look to the San Diego look. Although Ranch Houses are becoming more popular in some San Diego suburbs. These tend to be smaller houses on a larger expanse of land that has some orchards or other environmentally gorgeous options.

Arizona Designs vs SD

One frequent comparison that comes up is Arizona, given cost of living, building materials and climate.  The pueblo design dominates the Arizona housing scene with clay walls and a surprisingly modernist look. The only major difference between the SD housing scene and the Arizona housing scene is that the Arizona scene uses colors to compliment the desert rather than the softer ocean tones in SD.

Step 3: Value to Cost Calculators

Before calling a professional, you should get some general ideas of the value to cost calculations of your house. These tools are a good rule of thumb but each house is different.

So Value to Cost calculators can only help you estimate the value to the cost of the particular construction.

Here are some home values to cost analyzers.

There are less value and more cost with home additions, but the aesthetic addition is hard to put a price on.

12×12 room addition value to cost calculator

Use case of a 12×12 room: These tend to be small porches to entertain the company.

20×20 room addition value calculator

These tend to be slightly large porches to entertain larger quantities of company if you are particularly social.

1000sq ft room addition value calculator

These tend to be bedrooms for additional children.

Master bedroom value calculator

Master bedrooms are best for couples who move into a new home and want to make the home their own. Typically the couple will want more space than a tiny closet for their forever home. But few need a palace-sized bedroom. We find the right-sized room for your budget.

Room addition value calculator

Then there are more general room additions. Sometimes a room addition doesn’t fit into established categories. Maybe you want a music room. Or an atrium. We will work with you on these additions.

A large addition for an existing home

Large additions to an existing home should not be taken lightly. It tends to get worse before it gets better, but the overall satisfaction of our clients is undeniable. If you take a look at our reviews, we’ve hit it out of the park consistently and delivered exactly what we promise and bill.

Summary: When are home additions right for me?

We will guide you through the three-step process of:

1. What works for your type of home.

2. Picking the design of the house.

3. Ensuring the value and the cost remain on budget. We’re pros at this process and we get the best work out of your budget.

Home additions are best when you have the cash to spend and want to get the feel of your house exactly right.

Home additions are not a gamble to add additional value to your house. Chances are, the value-added may or may not eclipse the value of the home.

If you’re looking for a massive 10x increase, you should employ the help of a reputable financial service professional with a short-term high-risk strategy.

We offer two solutions. A complete package. Or a part-by-part solution. So a complete home addition with a nice design. Or just the home additions with some design elements left up to you and what you want.

Our Design plus Buildings work best for working professionals and entrepreneurs who want to get the design and structural integrity of their house exactly right.

Our Design plus Buildings are not for those with an extremely tight budget. We charge fair prices for fair work.

Your needs may vary. And we will work with the needs that you have.

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