full home remodel bathroom

Where Does Everyone Go to the Bathroom in a Full Home Remodel?

full home remodel bathroom

Home remodels tend to lead to an upheaval of the homeowner’s life. Living in the midst of a building site can be stressful, causing disruptions, mess, and noise. What many people forget to consider, though, is how they’ll use the bathroom while it’s being remodeled.

Some homes are fortunate enough to have more than one bathroom or toilet. In this case, an easy solution is to remodel one bathroom at a time to always have an operational toilet.

But what about homes that only have one bathroom? What do you do when you have no toilet or washing facilities? Follow our advice and don’t get caught short during a full home remodel.

Plan Properly

A home remodel is a big project that requires precision planning beforehand. In the planning stages, don’t forget to talk to the contractors to understand the timeline and at what stage the bathroom will become out of bounds.

Knowing this will make it easier to come up with a plan that doesn’t leave you without the use of a toilet. Understanding the remodeling process will also remove unnecessary stress or work. You may find that your toilet will only be out of action for a few hours or one day, which is relatively easy to handle. If your toilet is a no-go area for several days, however, you will benefit from time to formulate a contingency plan.

Move Out During the Remodel

The most straightforward solution is to find alternative accommodation during the home remodel. While it’s a simple solution, it may not be practical or possible. Since the average remodel takes between 3 – 9 months, it can be a long time to remain out of your home. Hotel or home rental bills can quickly add up to unmanageable amounts. And family and friends may not have the space to accommodate you for long periods.

A way around this is to only move out of your home while the bathroom remodel is taking place. As bathrooms can be fairly quick to renovate, it may only mean being away from home for a few days to a couple of weeks.

Go On Vacation

If you know when the bathroom will be out of action, you can plan to go on vacation. You can head off and relax on a sun lounger safe in the knowledge that your bathroom will be up and running by the time you get home.

A camping trip or hiring a cabin in the mountains can be equally as fun. If we’re honest, many of us need or have been meaning to go on a vacation. Whatever your preference, the bathroom phase of a home remodel is the perfect time to take some time off and enjoy a break.

Have the Toilet Replaced Each Day

There are times during the bathroom remodel that the toilet must be unplumbed and removed to carry out works. However, once the work is complete, you can have the toilet reattached until it needs to be removed again. This could mean that your toilet is only out of action for a few hours a day.

Talk to your contractors and home remodelers to understand how practical this solution can be. You can also work with them to plan the toilet removal phases while you’re at work or when the family is not at home.

Use Public Restrooms

If you have a local gym or cafe nearby, you can make use of their facilities. Purchasing a gym membership (or making use of the one you already have) will give you access to clean toilets and showers whenever you need them. If you have a local cafe or bar, you can either come to an arrangement with the owner or make a small purchase every time you need to use their facilities.

Rely on Your Neighbors

There are plenty of advantages to making friends with your neighbors. If you know them well, they may offer their facilities while yours are out of action. Of course, it takes time to build relationships with your neighbors, so this may only be viable if you’ve made an effort to get to know them beforehand.

Install Temporary Facilities

If you have a yard or outdoor space, you can hire or purchase a porta-potty during the remodel. Hired facilities will typically consist of a plastic cubicle containing a toilet and sometimes handwashing facilities. Some companies will hire out cubicles containing showers too. The hire cost of porta-potties is usually reasonable. You may be able to obtain a discount for an extended hire period.

Alternatively, you can purchase portable toilets or even a composting toilet. The disadvantage is that you will need somewhere private to put it. This can be tricky if there are lots of workmen on your property. In a pinch, you could use a garden shed or garage as a private space for the porta-potty. This solution is only ideal if your bathroom is only going to be out of service for a short while.

One thing is for sure. We all need to use the bathroom. As trivial as it may sound, planning how and where to use the bathroom is vital when planning your home remodel. Whether you use the time as an opportunity to take a much-needed vacation or you rely on the help of friends and family, make sure you’ve got access to a toilet while yours is out of action.

If you’re stuck on deciding what the best solution is, talk to home remodeling experts. A professional home remodeling team will do what it takes to make a remodel go more smoothly. They will be pleased to help you plan for the occasion.


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